We're hiring our first full time General Manager. Could that be you?

This is Capitol Boat Club's first full time hire. That means you get to be part of building a business from the ground up. It won't be easy, but it will be extremely rewarding. 

You should have:

  • An Associate's Degree or higher
  • Customer service experience
  • A borderline addiction to your smartphone/laptop (fast & clear communication is key!)
  • A need to take ownership of projects - to see what the end result should be and do whatever needs to be done to get there
  • An extreme savviness with technology - our business relies on several pieces of software to run smoothly
  • A residence in or very near Madison - while you will be able to do much of the job remotely, there are times when you will physically need to be at the docks with the boats, employees, and members - sometimes on short notice

Not required, but we'd love it if you had:

  • Experience operating power boats
  • Management experience

Responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling employees using cloud based software
  • Maintaining the member reservation scheduling system on a cloud based software
  • Invoicing & billing members for fuel using cloud based software
  • Running payroll on yet another cloud based easy to use software (are you seeing a trend here?)
  • Responding to members and employees via email, phone, and text message
  • Quickly reacting to member requests
  • Scheduling boat maintenance
  • Occasionally doing the day to day operations - covering/uncovering boats, helping members in/out and parking boats in the slips, light cleaning of boats, refueling of boats, etc.

What we'll provide:

  • All the training you need to make sure you're set up to be successful in this position
  • A salary (that should be obvious, we're not looking for a volunteer)
  • Access to the boats for personal use at a substantial discount
  • The freedom to make decisions on your own that will benefit the business
  • Bonus opportunity for business growth
  • The flexibility to work from home/remotely much of the time

This position is about as close as you can get to being an entrepreneur without having to put up your own money. You'll work directly with the founder and will be empowered to do what you feel is necessary to grow the business and ensure that it retains a great reputation. Want to delve into some new marketing strategies? Try some new sales processes? Improve the member experience? You're welcome to experiment.

This is a seasonal position - mid-April through mid-October. We're looking for someone who will be with us for years to come and will take a vested interest in the business. While it is seasonal, it is a full time position during those six months and you will be compensated accordingly. 

To apply, send your resume and a paragraph or two about why you want to work for Capitol Boat Club to justin@capitolboatclub.com.