Why Should I Join?


Capitol Boat Club is the most affordable way to boat whenever you want - without the hassle of actually owning a boat.

How It Works

Whether you're boating with friends, colleagues, clients, or family - you'll always have access to a boat that fits your needs.

See The Boats

Check out our fleet of boats available exclusively for members of Capitol Boat Club. All our boats are brand new in 2017!



What's a boat club?

Put simply, it's members only boat rental - but far more affordable. Like other boat clubs, with Capitol Boat Club, you pay an up front entry fee and monthly dues in return for nearly unlimited access to a fleet of boats.

Why a boat club rather than a rental?

This depends on how often you plan to go boating. If you only boat 2 or 3 times a year, then boat rental is probably the most economical choice for you. However, if you want to go more often, and want to avoid the hassle and cost of owning a boat yourself, a membership to Capitol Boat Club is the perfect solution. Visit this page to see why. Our boats are for members only and as a result, are newer and in much better shape than a typical rental vessel.

Do I need insurance?

Nope. Our boats are fully insured by us, and you as a member are included in that insurance.

What kind of boats do you have?

We currently have two pontoon boats, a ski boat, and a deck boat. See more info here.

What are the costs?

Apart from the one time entry fee and monthly membership dues, you pay only for the fuel you use. All the other costs of boat ownership like maintenance, repairs, slip rental, insurance, storage, and outfitting are covered by the Club. 

How often can I boat?

A full membership includes nearly unlimited access to our fleet from May 1 through October (whenever it gets too cold to boat). We say nearly because there are just some days when all the boats will be reserved in advance and you might not get a boat on shorter notice. With advanced reservations, you'll get a boat on your desired date 97% of the time. We'll also allow you to boat on as little as 2 hours notice any time there's an unreserved vessel.

Where is the club located?

Our boats are kept in slips on the North side of Lake Mendota - just 3 minutes off of Northport Drive.