Justin Sisley - Owner


Paul Jones - General Manager




Capitol Boat Club was born in 2017 due to a severe lack of boating options on Madison's lakes. The city has a great lake culture, but it's inaccessible to so many.

There are limited options for rentals and very limited public slips available. Those fortunate enough to live on the lake with their own dock are unaffected. But what about the thousands of people who live off the lake and still want a boat? They're faced with the hassle and cost of pulling a boat in and out of the water and then storing it after each use. 

That's where Capitol Boat Club comes in. The Club has created a way for those people to partake in all the benefits of having a boat without any of the hassle and a fraction of the cost. 

Owner Justin Sisley - a Madison native - is bringing his experience in boat clubs from other parts of the country back home. 

Take a moment and picture yourself on the water this summer. Will you join the club?